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Taking into account the need for increased protection of tracked armoured infantry fighting vehicles whose armour has fallen well behind that of the tanks with which they are expected to co-operate, the KMDB has developed a heavy infantry fighting vehicle under the designation BTMP-84.

The BTMP-84 is intended to carry out all types of tactical operations in interaction with battle tanks. The vehicle provides the mechanised infantry units with the mobility, protection and firepower equal to those of tank units.

The BTMP-84 is based on the chassis of the T-84 main battle tank. This retains the two-person turret armed with a 125mm gun fed by an automatic loader.

The specific feature of the vehicle design is that there is a troop compartment for five infantry soldiers.

A door at the rear of the vehicle opens to the left, steps fold downwards and the hatch above this is raised to allow the troops to rapidly leave the vehicle.

A firing port is provided in either side of the troop compartment, as are roof hatches.

BTMP-84 Specifications: 


Measurement unit

Combat weight  t 48.6
Crew 3+5
KBA-3 gun:
- calibre mm 125
- allowance of ammunition rds 36
Coaxial machine gun:
- calibre mm 7.62
- allowance of ammunition rds 1250
Anti-aircraft machine gun:
- calibre mm 12.7
- allowance of ammunition rds 450
- model  6TD-2
- type diesel
- power of the engine  hp 1200
Max speed km/h 70
Average speed km/h 35 - 40
Cruising range km 450
Operational temperature range °C -40 to +55
Gradient % 63
Side slope % 36
Vertical obstacle m 1
Trench m 2.85
- without preparation m 1.8
- with preparation m 5

at the level of up-to-date battle tanks

BTMP-84 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BTMP-84 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BTMP-84 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BTMP-84 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BTMP-84 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle

BTMP-84 Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle


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