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T-55AGM - weapons

T-55AGM battle tank


In order to increase the firepower of the T-55AGM tank, modernisation of the fighting compartment is offered. The modernisation consists in installation of a 125 mm KBM1 smoothbore gun or 120 mm KBM2 smoothbore gun, coaxial machine gun, and automatic loader located in an armoured compartment in the turret bustle.

The offered 120 mm smoothbore gun (KBM2) is a re-designed KBM1 gun and meets the requirements of NATO standards.

Use of enhanced performance conventional ammunition and barrel-launched guided missiles makes it possible to defeat modern tanks by means of armour-piercing projectiles at distances of 2000-3000 m and by means of guided missiles at distances of up to 5,000 m.


Calibre (mm)
Gun weight (kg


Barrel length (mm)
6,000 (48 calibres)
6,000 (50 calibres)
Normal recoil length (mm)
Maximum recoil length (STOP) (mm)
Loading Automatic, semi-automatic, manual
Ammunition types APFSDS, HEAT, HE-FRAG All types of ammunition that meet the requirements of NATO standards, Ukrainian-made guided missile

Number of rounds

At least 30 (18 in automatic loader)

Coaxial machine gun

KT-7.62 or PKT-7.62
Calibre (mm)
On the right of the main gun
Unit of fire
3,000 rds

T-55AGM - weapons

T-55AGM - weapons

Anti-aircraft machine gun

Anti-aircraft machine gun system that can be fired from within the turret under complete armour protectionThe anti-aircraft machine gun system is installed on the commander's cupola and is intended to fire at air and ground targets.


Main characteristics of the anti-aircraft machine gun system

Armament model
KT-12.7 or NSVT-12.7 machine gun
Calibre (mm)
Rate of fire, rounds/min
Unit of fire (rds)
450 (1503)
Conditions of firing
from either stationary or moving tank
Aimed fire distance (m)
  • By day
up to 2,000
  • At night
up to 800
Elevation (up/down to rigid stops) (degrees)
-5 to +70
Traverse (degrees)
Control remote anti-aircraft machine gun system
  • automatic, stabilised in the vertical axis control mode (by using the TKN-5 sight)
  • semi-automatic (by using the PZU-7 sight)

T-55AGM - weapons

Automatic loader

Automatic loader is an electric-and-mechanical complex of units with digital control system and is intended to load the gun with any available type of ammunition from the automated ammo storage (conveyor) of the automatic loader. The automatic loader is located in an armoured compartment in the turret bustle.

Components of the automatic loader:

  • chain-type conveyor (for storing and moving rounds to the loading line)
  • gun lock (for locking the main gun at the loading angle)
  • ramming mechanism (for ramming rounds into the main gun)
  • feed tray (for providing support for rounds when they are rammed)
  • cartridge case stub removal mechanism (for catching the cartridge case stub after shot and removing it out of the fighting compartment of the tank)
  • automatic loader compartment lifting mechanism
  • automatic loader control system
  • automatic loader compartment.

Technical characteristics:

Operating modes Automatic, semi-automatic (step-by-step), emergency (manual)
Number of rounds in the automatic loader

18 rds

Duration of one loading cycle in the automatic mode

6.5-7 s

Installation of the automatic loader in the T-55AGM tank results in the following:

  • reduction in the size of crew down to three
  • increase of the rate of fire up to 8 rds/min
  • improvement of the turret crew comfort due to automatic removal of spent cartridge cases out of the tank
  • loading the main gun without the need to stop the tank. This makes it possible to deliver aimed fire on the move (in so doing, rate of fire does not depend on the terrain or crew fatigue).

The T-55AGM tank can be fitted with an automatic loader either for 125 mm rounds or 120 mm rounds (NATO standard) with interchangeability being ensured.


T-55AGM - weapons

T-55AGM - weapons

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