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T-72AG Upgraded Main Battle Tank

T-72 Tank Upgrade

For existing T-72 MBT users the Kharkiv Morozov Machine Building Design Bureau is offering an upgrade package under the designation T-72AG which includes many of the key components of the Oplot/T-80UD main battle tanks. The package is intended to address the fightability, firepower, and survivability deficiencies identified in the T-72 main battle tanks in comparison with the current generation of battle tanks.

The conduction of the proposed modernisation at local facilities in the customer's country is technically feasible and even advisable in order to reduce the cost, as the modernisation package has been developed with simplicity of installation and minimum cost being considered as most important factors. In an attempt to keep costs to a minimum due primarily to the involvement of local production facilities, the upgrade programme envisages collaboration at the systems level between the Ukrainian and local production facilities. In so doing, as many as possible locally produced components and sub-systems are to be used, most of the work is supposed to be done in the customer's country, and only the most sophisticated equipment will be purchased, with final assembly taking place at local facilities. A further reduction in the overall cost of the project can be achieve provided that many of available T-72s are involved, as, inevitably, with increased scope will come a reduction in price of one upgraded tank. So, the project can be carried out in an efficient and cost effective manner supposing a local company is found with minimum requirement to divert its production facilities to ensure their capability of dealing with T-72 MBT upgrade business.

The T-72AG is a design which provides the optimum balance between firepower, mobility and protection. The T-72AG characteristics are similar to those of up-to-date tanks while the upgrade cost is considerably less than the costs of the modern tanks - a factor important enough to warrant consideration. So, it may turn out that, supposing the T-72AG upgrade programme is adopted, this will help the local military to bring their T-72 tank fleet up to the highest standard they can afford and to extend the life of the current generation of T-72 MBTs by 15-20 years - and all at an economical cost.

T-72AG upgraded main battle tank
T-72AG upgraded main battle tank
T-72AG T-72AG

—omparative characteristics of T-72 and T-72AG tanks

Main characteristics T-72 T-72AG
Weight (t) 41.5 45.5
Max road speed (km/h) on dry natural soil road (km/h) 60 65
(75 with high-speed gear-box)
Average speed 32-38 40-45
Engine power output (hp) 780 1,000 (1,200 if 6TD-2 engine is installed)
Power-to-weight ratio (hp/t) 19 21.7 (26.08)
Specific fuel consumption (g/kW-h) 245 218
Periodicity of air cleaner cassette maintenance under extreme dustyconditions (km) 300 1,000
Deep fording without preparation (m) 1.2 1.8
Commanderís sight


observation device TKN-3 day/night sight TKN-4S

Target detection range (m)

by day

2,000 5,000

at night

400 700

Field-of-view stabilization

no in one axis

Fire control override mode

no yes
Gunnerís day sight


TPD-K1 1G46

Target detection range (m)

4,000 5,000

Field-of-view stabilization

in one axis in two axes

Line-of-sight stabilization error (mrad)

0.5 0.2


8 (fixed) 2.7 to 12 (zooming)
Gunnerís night sight


TPN-3 (passive/active) TPN-4 (passive) or thermal imager

Target detection range (m)

400 (without illumination) 1,200 or 3,000

Effective firing range (m)


1,800 2,500

guided missile

no 5,000
Tank ballistic computer no yes





Participation in International Exhibitions

The T-72AG was shown for the first time at the IDEX '97 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 1997.

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