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The tank was developed building on the experience of use of the previous models of the BT-series tanks. Main emphasis was on improvement of the reliability, ease of manufacture as well as on enhancement of the COMBAT CHARACTERISTICS. The BT-7 was the most well-developed of the BT series tanks. The tank was used in local military conflicts of the 1930s and in the Second World War. Total production of the BT-7 was 4,965 vehicles. The work on improvement of the BT series tanks was carried out under the leadership of A.O. Firsov.


Years of manufacture  1935-1939
Weight 13.8 t
Crew 3
Overall dimensions:  
- length 5,660 mm
- width 2,290 mm
- height 2,450 mm
- main gun 45 mm
- 1 to 3 machine guns 7,62 mm
Armour 6-22 mm
Engine power output 400 hp
Maximum road speed:  
- on tracks 52 km/h
- on wheels 72 km/h
Cruising range:  
- on tracks 230 km
- on wheels 350 km



BT-7 Light Wheeled/ Tracked Tank



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